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Dear learners,

Bangladesh, being a third world country, is burdened with unemployment problem. Millions of educated youths of this country are wordless and, so to say, have become worthless, But why can't they manage a job though they complete of their highest level of education?

Firstly, our education system doesn't prepare us for getting a job, Secondly, there are some flows in the education life of our students, Students only memorize something to get good marks in the test. They don't try to understand a subject, So a gap has been observed between certificate and the actual achievement of the students, BCS Confidence helps you to fill up this gap. Confidence is always ready to assist you recover all the past deficiencies and repare you as a qualified candidate for any test, Public Service Commission CP.S,C) conducts the BCS exam by which the first class officials of the Republic are selected, Confidence imparts you right kind of consultation in choosing subjects and cadres among a lot of options, We also give you coaching for preliminary, written, and viva-voice. We have a lot of matchless lecture sheet and real test like model test.

In our spoken English for viva program we ensure yours skill of spoken English so that you can talk fluently in any new situation to face an interview board and embassy. We also ensure your written skill so that you can correspond independently with foreigners and locals, To meet this target we ensure real test-like environment in the class room and in the test hall. We believe you can be tremendously benifited from our able guidline. Actually we want to be a part of the process of making you qualified in the transitional period towards the global village.

Thanking you.

In. Md. Gias Uddin
Founder Chairman
BCS Confidence

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